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Our consulting services

To assist you in managing the anthropic journey of the water cycle.
When customized and innovative solutions are required.

Optimization of current practices in terms of water and/or wastewater management.

Assistance in technological choices when new investments are planned.

Operational troubleshooting and monitoring of your water and/or wastewater treatment plant.

Training tailored to your specific needs.

Optimization of current practices

Optimization generally starts with the detailed knowledge of the existing infrastructures (drawings, design notes, etc.), the current operational practices (O&M manual, daily procedures, etc.) and the physicochemical characteristics of the (waste)water at stake. This may be done by some data mining in the existing files or may require additional measurements.
The data analysis can then say a lot not only on the performances of the (waste)water collection and treatment system but sometimes also on the very production process when looking at industrial wastewater. We are somehow "water rudologists". Tell us what is in your effluent, we will tell you the performances of your process (to some extent)! This analysis can also give valuable information about the compliance with local regulations, the levers for energy savings, the treated wastewater reuse opportunities, the possible operational failures, the potential for a better data collection and use, and much more.
It is in our core expertise to analyze these data and draw recommendations to optimize your operational practices and to solve your water related issues within your financial and technical capabilities. Doing more with less is very often achievable through the implementation of state-of-the-art practices and of the maximization of the reduce and reuse water management principle.

Assistance in technological choices

Defining the right treatment processes and selecting the relevant technologies are of prime importance when it comes to creating or upgrading water or wastewater treatment works. These tasks can often be performed on the basis of available data and of expected performances of known processes. However they sometimes require prior development when unconventional water qualities are at stake.
Dathak can provide assistance and guidance to define specific tests and to evaluate, compare and prioritize the selected technologies in terms of technical, environmental and financial relevance.

Operational troubleshooting and monitoring

Temporary or longer technical assistance can help plant managers to smoothly run their facilities by providing very specialized expertise when urgent troubleshooting is required or long-term process monitoring to maximize the benefits of a fine-tuned treatment plant.
These services contracts can be easily adapted to fit peculiar requests from public utility managers or privately owned industrial companies.


Training courses can be tailored to your specific needs and organized within your premises or in another relevant location. The content of the training courses generally include theoretical basics and practical case studies followed by site visits when appropriate.
The subjects covered by our expertise range from the general water and wastewater treatment principles and applications to more detailed topics such as specific technologies (conventional activated sludge, membrane bioreactor, ballasted flocculation, etc.) or special themes (treated wastewater reuse, oil&gas effluents, etc.).