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"Of course, technical skills are mediocre or even contemptible, when isolated from the heart that drives them; this is true whether you are climbing a rock or you are playing the piano or you are building a cathedral."
Gaston Rébuffat, "L'apprenti Montagnard"

Water colours

Water treatment plant, Salboukh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Water treatment plant, Salboukh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
© 2011 David Thauré
Abandoned copper mine, Sahlat, Sultanate of Oman
Abandoned copper mine, Sahlat, Sultanate of Oman
© 2011 David Thauré
Harmful algal bloom, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman
Harmful algal bloom, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman
© 2011 David Thauré

January 2016 - Dathak ventured in Uganda to assess water and sanitation infrastructures.

December 2015 - Happy New Year! In 2016 Dathak wishes you all the best.

November 2015 - WWTPs of industrial cities in Saudi Arabia look for state-of-the-art operational performances. Dathak is involved.

September 2015 - The largest textile factory of Madagascar is looking for a better water and wastewater management. Dathak was there to provide assistance.

August 2015 - Dathak was subcontracted by a French leading consulting firm to work on technical proposals for projects in Nigeria and Ukraine.

June 2015 - Back to Ghana to look for silver coins in the wastewater of a gold mine!

April 2015 - Many Cape Verde islands are far from being "verde" since fresh water is scarce. Dathak paid a visit to a newly-established water utility to assess water laboratories.

February 2015 - Activated sludge plants are more and more common in Morocco. Dathak oversees the commissioning of one of them - near Tangiers.

January 2015 - Happy New Year! Dathak wishes you new successes and emotions.

December 2014 - Wastewater treatment plants are blooming in Algeria. Dathak is there too.

August 2014 - A new desalination plant in Red Sea? Dathak will have a look at a project that is "in the pipe" on the Egyptian coast.

July 2014 - Dathak participates in a project about the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in Palestine.

May 2014 - The first mission in China for Dathak!

April 2014 - First experience in the deep Ghanaian forest for Dathak. Where rainwater and gold are abundant.

February 2014 - Dathak is proud to be awarded a framework contract by AFD for a 2 year period.

December 2013 - Happy New Year! In 2014 Dathak wishes you a bunch of good surprises.

November 2013 - www.dathak.com is now available in French.

October 2013 - If you are a company that is curious to know the way to tackle water risks you can have a look at this video that gives a good introduction on "How to start managing business-related water risks".

October 2013 - Launching of www.dathak.com in English (a French version will follow).

September 2013 - Ecofilae training course in treated wastewater reuse in Montpellier (and in French).

August 2013 - Creation of Dathak! Discover the official announcement .